With over 25 years industry experience, FRAMECAD offers a fully integrated design and build solution for rapid construction, using steel framing.  The company now sells into over 60 countries, and has branches in Dubai, Australia, South Africa, North America and China.

FRAMECAD offers everything required to produce an architecturally designed, sustainable and environment-resistant building, including design service, framing production, building products, training and extensive customer support.

Mark Taylor, FRAMECAD CEO and founder, notes that the company’s success lies in the way that the complete solution model brings together a range of experts to work together.

“We have all the knowledge we need within our team. We have building system researchers, software developers, CAD designers, engineers, machine control experts, technicians and on-site construction experts.”

The result is a total building solution that speeds up the construction process, reduces costs, and most importantly, reduces the reliance on skilled labour.  The speed of the systems means that a 40sqm low cost house can be constructed in approximately 2 hours and a 200sqm house in approximately 6 hours.

  •      Steel framing is at the heart of FRAMECAD’s solutions. Steel has several key benefits of other construction materials including:
  •      Faster build time – up to 30% faster than traditional building methods.
  •     Greater design flexibility. Suitable for low cost housing, two storey homes, modular homes and multi-storey commercial buildings.
  •     Enduring strength: Steel won’t rot and is not subject to attack by termites or other pests.
  •     Straight and true: Steel framing remains straight at all times, unlike timber which can twist or warp.
  •     Cost savings: In most cases, using light gauge steel framing means the amount of concrete used in the foundations can be reduced and there is less excavation required for the foundations.
  •     Environmentally friendly: All by-products from steel construction are reused and the steel can be recycled.

 “Steel frames and trusses are a sustainable and responsible choice for modern construction and when you consider the outstanding performance steel offers in an earthquake and its termite and borer proof, then new home owners now have a green and safe product to choose from” said Mark Taylor.

FRAMECAD manufacturing facilities, systems, products and services are certified by the International Code Council. The ICC is a worldwide association that establishes codes for building safety and sustainability.